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FASHION FEUD is a live fashion design competition. 
Designers are given a mystery bag of Mood Fabrics material, a live model, a hair and makeup team, and an hour to create a design.

The finished designs are presented by the models to a live audience and then voted on by both the audience and our panel of local industry judges. The winner from each round advances to the Finals in each city to compete for the title of best designer in their city. Fashion editorial by staff writer Emerald Xtra The first of four rounds of competition was held in Seattle. The designers for this first event were Lebanese fashion designer, Lina Zeineddine and Jessica Bartlett, both from the Seattle design community.

Designer / Lina Zeineddine (on right)

Lebanese fashion designer, Lina Zeineddine, is inspired by perfection.  Supported by her family, friends, mentors, and with the trust of her clients, Lina excels in her work to fulfill the need for freedom of expression and discovery of identity for each individual through design.  A student of the BFA program of Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Seattle, as well as owner of her independent collection, named and dedicated to herself, "Lina Zeineddine," Lina is fully focused on achieving her goals as a successful business owner, while taking time as a student to excel her vision, technique, and creativity in her competitive field.  Lina hand selects and uses the finest of fabrics, beautiful finishes, textures, vibrant colors, and drapes.  Her ability to mold and shape fabric to the body, and her creative eye to manipulate fabric enables Lina to create pieces of art made for each individual as their window of opportunity to look in the mirror and see their own radiating selves.  For more information on Lina Zeineddine, or to schedule a design consultation of your own, please visit

Designer / Jessica Bartlett (on left)
My name is Jessica Bartlett, I'm recently married and have a 2-year old daughter. I've had a passion for fashion and art since I was a little girl. After high school, I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County and in Los Angeles where I studied Product Development. I decided that Product Development wasn't for me, and realized that I really wanted to study Fashion Design. In my 2 years at the Art Institute, my classes have given me the tools needed to take an idea and bring it to life, but the most valuable thing that I've learned is to always believe in myself and my talent.

 The event proved to be what we all expected. It was exciting to watch as two talented designers worked with surprise "ingredients", ala "Iron Chef's", to assemble and fabricate two individual dress designs fitting any semi formal event. 

The models were handpicked by Terri Morgan from TCM Models & Talent

They were Mary and Kaelyn . The usual preparations in hair and makeup were performed on the models while the cutting and sewing by the designers in competition were going on behind the scenes. Hair design was attributed to 7Salon

And makeup was by Swink Style Bar
Also huge kudos to the event promoter Scion


 And the beautiful location and setting for the competition was provided by Citrus on Lake Union

The event was enjoyed by many observers in the industry along with photographers and writers. And so the pressure was on for these designers to prove they had the skill to pull it all out. The competition heated up with both designers rushing to and from their selected models taking measurements and making adjustments throughout the one hour allotted time.

 Finally Judges Terri Morgan , Ali Brownrigg made their decision based along with the audience votes through on the creativity and functionality the designers provided with the mystery bag of mood fabrics introduced to them for the first time this evening. 

And the winner of this first round of Fashion Feud design competition went to Jessica Bartlett. Please enjoy these images of the competition in full swing. While the Designers are busy creating, Hair & Makeup takes on a world of its own. Swink Style Bar is AMAZING !! Behind the Scenes, creativity abounds. 

Ali Brownrigg

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