SCION again presents the 2011 series of FASHION FEUD in Seattle, following the huge success of their premier FASHION FEUD series in 2009-2010. Producers Adam Bauer and Owen Geronimo won Best Fashion Show Producer at the 2010 San Francisco Fashion Awards. This is a live fashion design competition where two designers are given a mystery bag of materials, a live model, a hair and makeup team, and an hour to create a design.

Set to occur once monthly this February, March, April, and May, FASHION FEUD is a “Project Runway” esque event in which designers are given a mystery bag of Mood Fabrics material, a live model, a hair and makeup team, and an hour to create a design.

The finished designs are presented by the models to a live audience who then votes using the FASHISM mobile app to create one vote from the audience.

Our panel of two judges will then select their favorite design of the night. The design with two or more votes will be declared the winner.

The winner from each round advances to the fourth event, the Fashion Feud Finals on May 18th to compete for the title of best designer in their city.

The second of four rounds of competition was held Wednesday, March 2nd in Seattle.  The designers for the second event were Morgan Carson and Justin Bartle, both from the Seattle design community.

The event was at Citrus Lounge, 1001 Fairview Ave N #2000 in Seattle.The winning designer will receive a cash prize from SCION before moving on to the final competition in April.

This second event was a total success, with all the excitement of the first. Again two talented designers worked with previously undisclosed fabric to assemble and fabricate two individual designs showing off their personal style and flair.

As the audience gathered it was clear they were ready for something special and to participate in the live voting of their choice. This is a new venue, one that will sure to be a continuing hit, and to expose new talent.

The two models Shevaun and Charly that participated in this second event were handpicked by Terri Morgan from TCM Models & Talent .  

Preparations in hair and makeup were ongoing while the designers in competition were going at it.

Hair design was attributed to 7Salon.  And makeup was by Swink Style Bar.  Also huge kudos to the event promoter Scion. And the beautiful location and setting for the competition was provided by Citrus on Lake Union.

This second round of competition will eventually lead to one top designer. And so the same pressure was on for these designers to show what they could do on short notice with a handful of materials and creative ideas.

Finally the designs were release for the audience and judges, Melanie Matkin and Patricia Wolf.

The judging was very close and so hard to do with the designers coming so close in their intent ideas and execution.

Altogether the show was very well produced and the contestants had a fresh new way to show their commitment, skills and their name to a serious but fun audience of their peers.

Event Coverage by:
Emerald Xtra
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